Rocklite Sundari – Bass Fingerboards


Rocklite Sundari – Bass Fingerboard

720mm x 85mm x 9mm

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720mm x 85mm x 9mm

Our fabulous new range of faux Indian Rosewood components for musical instruments, cue making and other craft applications.

January 4th 2017 saw the ratification of the CITES proposal to stop the free movement of all Rosewoods (Dalbergia species) around the world. All Rosewoods be they, raw materials, part finished or finished items now need export and import licences to legally move from country to country!

January 4th 2018 sees the launch of ROCKLITE® SUNDARI our unbelievably realistic, faux Indian Rosewood range of products, for musical instruments cue making and other craft applications.

This product is more stable and evenly coloured and has none of the grading issues expected with real Rosewood.

One of the most amazing things about this product is not only is it made from sustainable real hardwood, but as a man-made composite one would expect every piece to be the same with identical grain structure. Nothing could be further from the truth, every piece is unique with its own grain pattern and personality!

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