Rocklite Ebano – Acoustic Bridge Blank



Rocklite® is a new, revolutionary, and totally environmentally friendly approach to tonewoods for musical instruments.

Other applications for the Rocklite® products include sawcut veneer for restoration, and cut sizes for cue building, wood turning, and cabinet making.


Rocklite is a man made product, engineered entirely from real, sustainable wood. it is NOT vulcanised paper!

Rocklite Ebano is designed to replicate Ebony, as other tropical species, the very existence of ebony is now becoming endangered by excessive and in some cases illegal logging.

Thereby offering a sustainable and Eco friendly alternative to the relentless march of the logging companies, further into the rain forests of the world.


So now, Luthiers, Cue builders, and other master craftsmen can give their clients a far more consistent, sustainable, and stable product than ever before.

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is an ebony type product that can be used very successfully in lutherie as fingerboards, head veneers, bridges, and guitar backs & sides.

other applications for the Rocklite® product include cue buts and splices, sawcut veneer for restoration, and many other craft applications.

All of this without the headache of all the usual grading problems!

On average, less than 10% of the ebony logging yield would be considered good enough for high class Lutherie, cue building and cabinet making.

This is mostly due to colour defect, splits shakes and pin worm etc.

now, with ROCKLITE® EBANO we are able to ensure that every piece is, jet black, arrow straight grained and sawn dead on quarter!

In short, as good as the most perfect ebony you have ever seen! Every time!

ROCKLITE® Ebano Colour Stability

ROCKLITE® Ebano is more colour fast and stable than most exotic woods. The latest technology in Phenolic Ultra Violet light absorbers are used in its production.

During pre production testing we subjected Rocklite Ebano many times to extreme long-term UV exposure, and in each case it held its colour far better than the natural hardwood or other faux ebony we were using as a comparison.

We would however always recommend that when finishing, with lemon oil, coconut oil, or any other finishing product that you use a finish containing a UV inhibitor.

Additional information

Weight .025 lbs
Dimensions 77 × 10 × 6 mm